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Dive into the world of making and pick up mad skills like coding, engineering, design, robotics, graphics, and more!

MKR LAB, where makers blossom

MKR LAB offers science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) classes & workshops. Our goal is to give students the tools they need to unlock their creativity in designing the tech they want to see, enabling them to be creators, not mere consumers. We explore coding, robotics, engineering, physics, electricity and circuitry, graphic design, game design and much more.

At MKR LAB we believe coding is a foundational literacy and that all learners have the natural curiosity to understand how our world works. We work hard to develop engaging learner-centered curriculum with lots of room for creativity and personalization. Because learning at its best is fun and personally relevant.


The facade of Workspace Education is a big red barn.

We've moved to Workspace Education

We're very excited to be able to collaborate with Workspace Education in Bethel, CT. This beautiful and well-equipped space has a full makery, wood shop, prototype lab, art room, science lab, textile room, and more! As makers, we use all of these resources and having them all under one roof is a beautiful thing! We're also thrilled to be a part of the collaborative and creative community that is Workspace.We'll be blogging about some of our projects and hope you will follow along. You might even be inspired to create your own versions!

Student-Centered Approach

Our age and grade guidelines are just that: guidelines. As parents with 3 kids of our own, we know first-hand that kids don't all grow and mature at the same rate. We also know that interest and determination are big motivators, and so we are flexible. If you're unsure whether a class will be a good fit, contact us and we'll help you out.

Build it From Scratch

One of our goals is to unleash students' creativity. To maximize that, we like to use widely available components and open source languages whenever possible. Students learn how every single component works and how to incorporate it into projects. We give them the tools they need to build whatever they can imagine.

Engineering Design Process = Grit

We look for opportunities to engage students in the engineering design process. Students are excited to use their creativity and are invested in the outcome when they do. We emphasize iteration: testing out a design, observing what works and where we can improve, then redesign, test and repeat. This develops grit, perseverance, and the self confidence that comes with knowing you can achieve your goals.

College-Level Content

In our classes using the Raspberry Pi, microcontrollers, including Arduino, and our IOT (Internet of Things) workshops, students will be doing projects often done at colleges. We will push the limits of what can be done with microcontrollers and students who are ready can edit code to maximize functions or they can simply modify the physical design. They can code with object-oriented techniques or simply make LEDs flash. It depends on student interest and ability. We can meet students where they are.


Clark Landis has developed derivatives trading systems for banks and other financial institutions. He has a passion for programming and pushing technical boundaries. Clark holds an MS in computer science from Columbia University, an MS in physics from Yale, and a BA in physics and math from Columbia University. Sarah Landis is the head trader of private hedge fund specializing in the volatility markets. She also is a certified yoga teacher, one-time webmaster and lifelong maker. We have 3 children together.