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Sarah and Clark Landis founded MKR LAB in 2017 to create what we couldn’t find for our own kids: hands-on tech programming to introduce them to the world of making. We wanted to see kids using technology creatively to make what they wanted and to stop passively staring at screens. So we launched classes, built a makerspace in Northern Westchester, NY, and welcomed hundreds of learners and their families.

Sarah is a lifelong maker and writes most of the content here. I have been the head trader of private hedge fund specializing in the volatility markets, a financial journalist focused on structured products and derivatives, and also a certified yoga teacher and upright bass player. Yes, I’m a polymath and I’m really interested in exploring and learning new things. I have deep experience with fiber arts and love to combine that with e-textiles. And I LOVE to use power tools! I once had my own darkroom and I like to make things with my hands.

Clark is a master coder who has developed derivatives trading systems for banks and other financial institutions. He has a passion for programming and pushing technical boundaries. Clark holds an MS in computer science from Columbia University, an MS in physics from Yale, and a BA in physics and math from Columbia University. Clark also grows his own hops and is a craft brewer. He has renovated three homes, including a three-family Brooklyn Brownstone. To say he is handy is an understatement.

We have three children together. Our oldest now is in college studying electrical and computer engineering. At home we have two daughters, one in high school and one still in elementary school. They inspire us to make sure girls’ voices are heard and nurtured in this area where they too often are overlooked. 

The facade of Workspace Education is a big red barn.

MKR LAB to Workspace Education in Bethel, CT, from Northern Westchester mid 2019. Workspace is a groundbreaking colearning community, emphasizing self-directed learning. It’s a perfect fit for us and we’re thrilled to be in a beautiful space with cutting edge facilities, including a well-equipped makery,  wood shop, prototype lab, art room, science lab, textile room, and more! As makers, we use all of these resources and having them all under one roof is a beautiful thing! We’re also thrilled to be a part of the collaborative and creative community that is Workspace.

Teaching classes at Workspace during the day means our former students in Westchester don’t have access to our classes any more.  And while we get lots of requests to run after-school programs in northern Westchester, without the ability to clone ourselves we just can’t say yes to that.

That inspired us to begin to document our projects so that they can follow along and do their own projects alongside us. No matter where in the world you are, whether you’re a parent looking for some extra projects for your learner, a teacher, or someone who runs a makerspace or after-school club, we hope you find some inspiration here!

"One of our goals is to unleash students' creativity. To maximize that, we like to use widely available components and open source languages whenever possible. Students learn how every single component works and how to incorporate it into projects. We give them the tools they need to build whatever they can imagine."
Sarah Landis
Sarah Landis
Chief Maker

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