Making Makers

Makers are a resourceful bunch. But how do we nurture and support new makers? We've been doing just that and we've created this site to share some of our projects, product reviews, and also some of our tested strategies.

Start Coding with Scratch

With much of the world homeschooling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, families are trying to figure out curriculum and how to keep kids occupied. We…

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Motorized Origami

If you’re looking for an easy and fun project to do with your kids, this is a really great one!  With some paper and a…

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Young teen with a medal around her neck for her science fair project on antibacterial agents
How to Raise a Steminist

If we define feminism as the belief that all genders should have equal rights and opportunities, STEMinists believe that all genders should have equal opportunities…

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Boston terriers in red ear-flap hats with white beards
2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Teens

Teens can be hard to find gifts for. We have two at home–we know! Never fear. We have some great ideas for you, plus a…

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2 Boston Terriers in silly hats with ear flaps
2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Ages 5 – 11

2018 Maker Gift Guide: Ages 5 – 11 I’ve long believed the things we give our kids matter. Some gifts are simple pleasures, but a…

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Oh the Possibilities!

Here at MKR LAB we LOVE microcontrollers! These tiny but powerful devices can power a wide array of projects and they bring your code to…

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Hands-On Physics!

This summer we debuted a physics class for elementary students and ran it as a camp. Our goal was to introduce them to the most…

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Glowing Pompom Crown Workshop
LED PomPom Crowns

No power, no problem! The lights may be out, but this crew is glowing with LED headgear they made. After tornados passed through Westchester and…

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MKR LAB in the News!

The Lewisboro Hamlet Hub wrote about MKR LAB. It’s so exciting that people are finding us here in Northern Westchester. “MKR LAB Inc. announced several…

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The Button!

Sometimes adding a simple button is wildly exciting! Some of my favorite questions are “what if …,” “wouldn’t it be cool if …,” and “how…

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"We look for opportunities to engage students in the engineering design process. Students are excited to use their creativity and are invested in the outcome when they do. We emphasize iteration: testing out a design, observing what works and where we can improve, then redesign, test and repeat. This develops grit, perseverance, and the self confidence that comes with knowing you can achieve your goals."
Sarah Landis
Sarah Landis
Chief Maker